Sleep Like The Royals -Choosing The Best Bed For Your Sleep Type

Have you ever felt like the "Princess and the Pea" when it comes to choosing the right mattress for your sleep style and position?

Sleep Like the Royals: Choosing the Best Bed for Your Sleep Type

Remember the story The Princess and the Pea? Her royal-highness could feel there was something amiss with her bedding under layers of mattress and feather-beds. The fairy tale suggests that only a “true princess” would have the sensitivity to feel the pea below all that bedding, but in real life, you don’t have to be a precious princess for your body to tell you that something isn’t quite right with your mattress. That said, once you find the best bed for your sleep type, you’ll be sleeping like the royals in no time.

Sleep Like A Princess

Sleep is one of the most important components of human health and wellness. It is healing, restorative, and necessary for proper body functioning. Unfortunately, so many people are sleep deprived and struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Could this be you?

If you think you may be suffering from a sleep disorder, like insomnia or sleep apnea, then talk with your doctor right away because there are lots of successful remedies to help. Beyond sleep disorders, your sleepless nights may be the result of the bed type you’ve selected. At No Badger Mattress, we meet lots of people who are struggling with restless nights because their current bed is either too firm, not firm enough, not supportive, sleeps too cold or too hot, or even worn out. 

There are many types of mattresses to select from when shopping for a new bed. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and with all the choices and brands to choose from, where do you begin? We are delighted to be of help and offer a haggle-free, no hassle and no badger experience when choosing your next mattress. So whether you sleep hot, cold, on your back, side or tummy, we are delighted to help with choosing your next mattress, no matter your sleep style, position and budget. 

In our small family-owned store, you’ll never feel pressured to make a purchase, but you WILL feel informed and confident about your new mattress choice once you’re ready to buy. That’s because with our consultations, we’ll talk to you about your sleep type, sleep positions, sleep habits, and any other concerns that factor into choosing the best mattress for you and your family. Stop by our mattress boutique store today at 3931 East Market Street in York, PA or give us a call today at (717) 814-9994 and be sure to tell them “Mattie” sent you.

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